House Manager needed for a prominent figure in Santa Barbara, CA! (Starting Salary: $150K/annually + benefits)!

This skillful, organized, self-motivated manager and assistant is responsible for the seamless operation and management of the Santa Barbara property.  The House Manager works closely with the employers daily.  The House Manager must communicate effectively, problem solve routinely, and coordinate all property activities and construction projects.  The HM is attentive to the needs of the owners and their guests and must demonstrate flexibility with their availability to work.  Trustworthy, honest, and discreet, this employee respects the owners and their privacy.  As a family representative, the HM shall maintain a professional, respectable appearance and always demonstrate reputable conduct. The House Manager reports directly to the owners and the Estate Manager.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

The HM schedules staff, maintenance, and cleaning activities inside the home and works to maintain a problem-free, up-to-date home environment.   The House Manager also works closely with landscape staff to ensure a manicured and immaculate property throughout.  The House Manager shall approach the management of the property comprehensively and must give equal attention to its staffing, autos, inventories, landscape, management, cleanliness, and overall condition.

The HM shall direct the efforts of the housekeeping staff and is responsible for scheduling staff appropriate to the changing needs and schedule of the family.  As team leader of the household, the manager is expected to communicate clearly and effectively with personnel, and lead by example with good daily work practices.  The HM makes certain property employees work effectively to meet the needs of the employers. 

The House Manager also takes messages, maintains the owner’s schedule, house, and petty cash, and processes mail and invoices. The House Manager ensures the home is kept in good supply regarding food, linens, bedding, kitchen wares, and other supplies, and should coordinate the purchase and replacement of supplies routinely as items have fulfilled their usefulness.  The House Manager must possess familiarity with all the home systems, especially, but not limited to, the operation of the phones, security, lighting, HVAC, and audio-visual systems.   Many aspects of the home will require attention from outside vendors for their proper upkeep and care.  The House Manager shall schedule the work of these vendors and should maintain good relations with reputable, quality vendors.  

The House Manager must be computer literate and keep up to date with new programs, technologies, and developments. The House Manager makes sound decisions regarding purchases and services and works closely with the Accountant and Estate Manager regarding invoices, purchases, and projects.  The HM will also be expected to oversee all construction projects on the property.  The House Manager will be responsible for gatherings at the home and is expected to work closely with employers to orchestrate social events or guest needs.   The House Manager should review household spending and participate in household spending projections.

Job Specifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Must communicate effectively and routinely with owners, estate manager, landscape manager, accountant, and house staff
  • Must have computer, technology, organizational, and interpersonal skills and work to remain competent in these areas.
  • Must gain and maintain thorough knowledge of home and home systems
  • Knowledgeable of cleaning and maintenance activities, personal possession care, furnishings and equipment care, safety, vendors
  • Event and project coordination
Job Category: House Manager
Job Type: Full Time Live-Out
Job Location: California Santa Barbara
Sorry! This job has expired.