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2 reasons to use a domestic staffing agency

If you’ve decided to hire a housekeeper to enhance your quality of life and optimize your home’s cleanliness, you’ve likely already considered a number of hiring options. From hiring someone off of Craigslist to simply investing in cleaning services, there are many different ways to get a housekeeper into your home, but going through a domestic staffing agency is the safest and most effective to get the service your home needs. Below are two of the most important reasons for going through a certified staffing agency rather than another source:

Background checks – Any applicant referred to you from a domestic agency will have already undergone a thorough background check. Some commercial maid companies that are not full-service staffing agencies do not perform full investigations on employees or speak to their references, and you can’t run a background check on someone you find on Craigslist easily.

Reliability – A domestic staffing agency will also match you with housekeeping applicants who have the skills that are essential and unique to your home. You won’t have to deal with an employee who doesn’t know about the cleaning products or devices that you prefer.

By hiring a housekeeper through a domestic staffing agency you’ll be bringing on a permanent member of your household staff who won’t change every week and will quickly learn and remember the ins and outs of your home’s specific needs, such as laundry detergent allergies or a desire to use green cleaning products. 

If you are looking for a qualified and trustworthy housekeeper, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today. Our skilled placement team will be able to match applicants to your household quickly and easily.

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