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Looking to hire a housekeeper? At Colonial Agency, we know how hard it is to find the perfect housekeeper for your home. With our expertise and experienced staff, we can match you with the right housekeeper for any of your needs. Contact us today!
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At Colonial Domestic Agency, we work diligently to bring you the best housekeeper for your home. With our extensive screening, interviewing, and background checks, we are confident in our ability to ensure you are hiring the best candidate for the position offered. Colonial Domestic puts your needs and the safety of your estate above everything else, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing clients with the most trustworthy and capable housekeepers.

Find Your Perfect Housekeeper with Colonial Agency

Are you a homeowner looking for a professional housekeeper to manage your home carefully and precisely? Discover the unparalleled service of Colonial Agency, your premier housekeeper staffing partner. Our expert team is dedicated to connecting you with experienced housekeeping professionals who meet your specific needs.

Why Choose Colonial Agency?

Find Your Perfect Job Match as a Housekeeper

If you are a skilled housekeeper with at least three years of experience working for a private household and looking to make a change, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today and see how we can help you.

Hire a Housekeeper with Colonial Agency

Discover why Colonial Agency is the ultimate choice for all your placement needs!

Are you seeking the best domestic placement agency to fulfill your staffing needs? Look no further than Colonial Agency! Colonial Agency is the ultimate choice for all of your domestic staffing requirements.

Hiring the most qualified candidates for your home or business can make a significant difference in your success. Colonial Agency is a staffing firm that specializes in delivering top-notch talent to help your organization thrive. Our team of experts is committed to understanding your needs and providing you with exceptional service every step of the way.

You can trust our rigorous screening process to identify skilled candidates who possess the right qualifications and are fit for your company culture. With Colonial Agency, you can unlock the power of hiring excellence and achieve your organization’s goals.

Employing domestic staff is a decision that can significantly enhance the quality of life for families or individuals seeking to maintain a harmonious home environment. Amidst many service providers, Colonial Agency stands as a beacon of trust and spotlights the merits of experienced staff for domestic roles.

1. Expertise that Exceeds Expectations

When engaging the services of Colonial Agency, you’re not merely hiring someone to fulfill basic household tasks. You’re inviting a professional who has honed their craft over years of experience. Each staff member is equipped with the skills to manage the intricacies of elite domestic service, often surpassing the everyday expectations within a household. Their knowledge goes beyond general household maintenance; they understand the subtleties that create a nurturing environment and streamline family life, leaving no margin for error in their meticulous approach.

2. A Seamless Integration into Your Lifestyle

One of the significant advantages of hiring through the Colonial Agency is the personalized approach offered. Their experienced staff doesn’t just work around set guidelines; they adapt seamlessly to fit into the unique rhythm of your home and lifestyle. By familiarizing themselves with the family’s schedule, preferences, and particular needs, these professionals ensure a smooth integration that feels nurturing rather than intrusive.

3. Cultivates a Healthy and Harmonious Environment

An experienced domestic staff member from the Colonial Agency can become integral to promoting a healthy and harmonious living space within your home. Understanding best practices in home hygiene, safe food preparation, and child development contribute to the family’s well-being. Their professional demeanor and discretion also ensure a peaceful atmosphere that enhances the family’s tranquility.

4. Time for What Truly Matters

Delegating domestic responsibilities to capable hands means more time for family, work commitments, and personal pursuits. Professionals from Colonial Agency can efficiently tackle the day-to-day chores, freeing up valuable time for quality moments and activities that align with your life priorities. This redistribution of time can lead to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

5. On-Demand Flexibility

Life is unpredictable, and needs can change from week to week. The experienced domestic staff from the Colonial Agency offer flexibility that allows for adaptation to variable demands. Whether it’s unexpected working hours or last-minute child minding, their adaptability is invaluable, providing peace of mind during hectic times.

6. Professional Reliability

Reliability is the foundation of any successfully managed household. The professionals at Colonial Agency understand the importance of consistency and dependability. Their commitment to professionalism ensures that tasks are completed to a high standard, on time, every time, relieving stress and allowing for a more organized and less chaotic living experience.

7. Personal Development and Enrichment Opportunities

Having an experienced domestic staffer from Colonial Agency as part of your household offers unique learning experiences for everyone involved. From specific skills in child development and nutrition to learning cultural customs and etiquettes, interaction with such professionals can act as a catalyst for personal growth and enrichment within the family unit.

8. Preserving Valuable Family Traditions

Experienced domestic staff from Colonial Agency can assist in upholding family traditions and maintaining the continuity of your lifestyle. Whether it’s the preparation of special holiday feasts, preserving cultural customs, or ensuring that the household runs in accordance with the established family values, their role is to support and nurture those elements that make your home unique.


Perform all general housekeeping tasks and specialize in managing your wardrobe and in caring for fine linens and fabrics. Laundresses are skilled in hand-washing, stain removal, pressing, and steaming. They are your dry cleaners at your home.


Perform daily detail cleaning and all housekeeping tasks, emphasizing cooking meals! Meals can be simple to a little more gourmet. Most can follow simple recipes and ensure each meal is to your liking.

Executive Housekeepers:

Are in charge of the daily upkeep of your estate and can manage vendors and maintenance personnel on your behalf. Executive housekeepers can also manage a small housekeeping team and train other housekeepers to clean how they like it.


Manage the day-to-day cleaning of your home needs with added skills to assist with childcare duties. Duties include light meal prep assisting with morning and/or night routine, driving children to necessary destinations, and much more.

As a housekeeper, your duties and responsibilities extend far beyond simply cleaning. Here are other duties:

  • Deep and detailed cleaning.
  • Dusting and polishing antiques, furniture, and fixtures.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing toilets, showers/bathtubs, countertops, and sinks.
  • Maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen area.
  • Making beds changing linens, and washing windows. Washing windows.
  • Vacuuming and cleaning carpets and rugs.
    Sweeping/vacuuming, polishing, and mopping hard floors.
  • Sorting, washing, loading, and unloading laundry, and ironing clothing items.
  • Using any cleaning equipment such as vacuums, mops, and other cleaning tools.
  • Keeping bathrooms stocked with clean linens, toiletries, and other supplies.
  • Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces.
  • Emptying trash receptacles and disposing of waste.
  • Steaming and cleaning draperies, washing blinds, and tidying rooms.
  • Monitoring cleaning supplies and ordering more as needed.
  • Reporting any necessary repairs or replacements. Light cooking.
  • Assisting during holidays and events.
    Formal serving and setting up tables.
  1. Your home is always ready for expected and unexpected guests.
  2. Your home is always immaculate and presentable.
  3. You can delegate your time to other personal matters.
  4. You can have your home the way you want.
  5. All of your personal needs are completed daily.
  6. Your possessions and home are properly cared for.
  7. Helps ease your stress