Hire Highly Skilled Corporate Staff

Are you seeking experienced corporate staff for your company or private family office? Look into a trusted corporate staffing agency such as Colonial Agency. For over 50 years, our team has been delivering top-notch service and reliable professionals to businesses and private individuals seeking extra help.

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Need to hire top talent for your business? Look no further than Colonial Agency, the leader in corporate staffing services. We specialize in making extraordinary placements that match our clients’ needs quickly and effectively. Contact us today to find the right fit for your business!

Hire Experienced Finance Professionals

If you’re looking to hire experienced finance professionals, Colonial Agency is here to help. Our recruitment experts understand the complexities of finding the best talent in the market and can match you with qualified candidates ready to contribute to your business.

Whether you’re looking to manage your finances more efficiently or run a successful business, an accountant can help streamline your financial processes, saving you both time and money.

A bookkeeper specializes in providing accurate financial records, which allows business owners to have a clear view of their financial standing.

Hiring a CPA can bring many benefits, from streamlined financial management to improved tax planning.

Hire Experienced Sales Professionals

Struggling to find reliable sales professionals? Look no further! Colonial Agency specializes in matching talented and experienced sales professionals with companies who need their services.

An experienced Account Executive knows how to build trust and rapport with clients, which can lead to increased business and greater customer satisfaction.

Hiring an Account Manager is a wise choice for any business owner looking to boost their bottom line and improve their customer relationships.

Hiring a successful sales manager can bring many benefits to a company, from increasing revenue to enhancing customer relationships.

With their expertise and experience, Directors of Sales are equipped to assess the sales strategies of a company, identify areas for improvement, and develop effective plans to increase revenue.

Hire Experienced Corporate Executives

If you’re looking for experienced corporate executives to join your team, look no further than Colonial Agency. We have years of experience working with companies to successfully hire senior-level executives.

A COS is a crucial strategic partner to any high-level executive, offering invaluable support and expertise in various areas.

Hiring a CAO can provide a wide range of benefits for businesses, such as streamlining financial operations, identifying cost savings opportunities, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

A CMO can help identify key target audiences, create compelling brand messaging, and offer guidance on the latest marketing techniques and technologies.

The COO is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the company, ensuring that they run smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.

Hire Experienced Management and Marketing Staff

Find the staffing solutions you need with the experienced management professionals of Colonial Agency! Our team is here to connect you with qualified personnel for your business.

With an office manager, you can delegate responsibilities and focus on the core of your business operations. You’ll have someone to oversee daily tasks, manage the team, and ensure everything runs smoothly.

A marketing assistant brings expertise, knowledge, and experience to the table, which can help you achieve your business goals.

Hiring a Social Media Manager can provide numerous benefits for your business, from increasing your social media presence and creating a cohesive strategy to improving engagement and increasing conversions.

Without a proficient Human Resource Manager, an organization may face issues such as high employee turnover, lack of communication, and a substandard work culture.