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3 bedsheet tips for a tidier room

Bedsheets seem relatively simple, but can actually involve a lot of work. To get the perfect fold and leave the bed looking neat, you might need a professional pair of hands to do the job. Domestic housekeepers can use their skills to make the entire house feel cleaner, and that's certainly true for your sheets. Don't worry about stuff piling up when you work with someone who can keep things clean and sorted.

The best cleaning tips are simple and save a lot of time. Here are a few for cleaning and using bedsheets to avoid a mess in your home:

  • Be aware of allergens: Sheets can be irritating for anyone with lots of allergies. Cleaning them regularly with hot water will make it easier to kill dust mites, while also keeping the bed naturally cleaner.
  • Fold a fitted sheet with the corners first: This classic trick from Martha Stewart helps keep a sheet together. As you put away linens, put your hands in the corners and use them to systematically fold the sheet over and over, one side at a time. Do it right, and the sheet will be easier to pack up and store.
  • Lay the sheet with the tag facing down: This one comes from a Good Housekeeping article from last year about hotel maid housekeeping secrets. Award-winning housekeeper Emma Anderson said that sheets should be placed on the beds with the tags on the bottom. "With king sheets, the tags are on the left," she said. "With queen sheets, they're on the right."

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