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3 benefits for hiring an adult caregiver

Not every older adult wants to live a sedentary life in a nursing home, but the risks of living alone could prove to be high for many. With a caregiver in Los Angeles, California can remain you or your loved one's playground well into their twilight years.

According to Fox Business, this was the exact reason that one daughter hired a live-in caregiver for her 90-year-old father. Tobi Rosen said that not only did the caregiver help her father live a more enriched life, but improved her own relationship with him.

"They became instant friends, buddies and companions. I know my dad's life was enriched because of his caregiver," Rosen told the news source.

Hiring a caregiver has many other benefits as well, including:

Cleanup – Beyond medical assistance and taking care of an older adult in general, a caregiver can clean up and tidy around the house, ensuring it is always neat.
Managing a schedule – Keeping activities scheduled and their charge active is another duty live-in caregivers can take on, managing their calendar and ensuring there's enough time for everything, including visits from family.
Unique needs – Many caregivers also have training to handle unique medical or living needs, which can improve the quality of life of those they care for.

In order to find live-in nurses and caregivers to help you or your loved one maintain an active, independent lifestyle, contact Colonial Domestic Agency. We can help connect you with a talented nurse who meets your exact needs medically, as well as in terms of personality and personal interests. The right caregiver will make a world of difference in you and your loved one's lives.

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