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3 benefits of hiring bilingual domestic staff

There are various qualities that should shine on the resumes of domestic staff, including timeliness, strong interpersonal skills and relevant qualifications. However, a somewhat overlooked skill is bilingualism. Hiring domestic staff that can speak two or more languages can have a multitude of benefits for your and for family, including:

1. Strong personal connections
If you're bilingual, you'll connect with staff who can speak the same languages as you do. It will foster a mutual understanding not only through communication, but also in background and culture. You can flow in and out of the different languages as you usually do, without needing to filter your communication when you're with them. Plus, this easy conversing will ensure your staff fully understands the tasks and responsibilities you assign them.

2. Better performance
When you hire bilingual employees, you may be inadvertently investing in a whole slew of skills. Studies have shown that bilingual employees often perform better at work, with increased mental and physical productivity. Researchers at Penn State University found that bilingual employees are better at handling multiple tasks at once. Further, a study from the National Institute of Health discovered that bilingual speakers deal with conflict better than monolinguals.

3. Priceless education
When you hire bilingual nannies, nurses, butlers and other domestic staff, your children will grow up with more than language in the home. As they spend more time with biilingual speakers them – especially nannies – your children may even pick up the foreign language. This knowledge can give them an edge in prestigious school admissions and long-term career achievements. Bilingualism can even delay the onset of cognitive decline, providing your child with the elements for a truly bright future.

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