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3 difficulties nannies often face

It's not easy being a nanny. While most people think they just babysit, nannies actually do much more. They have to clean, cook, help kids with their homework and then drive them to their sports practice. And that usually takes place all in one day. Here are some common problems nannies often face.

1. Fitting in
Does the nanny have a bubbly personality, or are they more calm and subdued? These are important traits to consider when hiring a nanny. The last thing you want to do is hire a nanny that doesn't quite fit the family's personality. While that may seem like a harsh concept to digest, it's certainly true. The goal is to put your new employee in the best situation to succeed. And part of that is ensuring they both feel comfortable in their surroundings and are happy doing their jobs.

2. Messy households
Remember, your nanny is not a housekeeper! While part of her job does require some light housework, it doesn't mean she should be on her hands and knees scrubbing floors all day. We might even leave the windows (both inside and outside) off the list of chores as well. Minor house work might include cleaning the stovetop and counter after cooking or vacuuming the rug if the children have been playing on it all day.

3. Poor communication
We get it, parents can be very busy! Especially when both parents work. However, with so many ways to communicate, there's no excuse why a nanny should have difficulties contacting the parents. While the nanny won't always call the parents – nor should they – they need to be able to easily contact them when necessary.

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