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3 employee recognition myths

Are you recognizing employees regularly, but still feel like their productivity and engagement are down? It could be that you're offering them the wrong types of rewards.

Here are three recognition myths you must understand as you try to fix your household workplace:

1. Always offering cash as an incentive
Awarding your employees cash in the form of bonuses or raises isn't a bad idea. However, they shouldn't necessarily be your staple offerings. An Incentive Research Foundation study of 452 people actually found that 65 percent of respondents said they would take a noncash award if "other experimental elements were optimal."

Now, we understand this study involved many different types of employees, but we're confident in saying that domestic workers may also prefer rewards other than payouts.

For example, are some of your employees parents? Giving them gift cards may be rewards they'd love to receive. They can use these cards at retail stores to purchase children's clothing. This is a great way to not only financially reward them, but also show that you understand their needs.

2. Recognizing all employees in the same way
As their boss, the most important thing you need to recognize is that every employee is different. They have different wants and needs, and you must recognize and reward them accordingly.

Take for example our suggestion regarding gift cards. While these awards might work great for those who have children, they might not work well for younger generations of workers who have different priorities. In this case, passes to entertainment venues, theme parks or tech stores may work better. 

3. It takes too much time 
Being creative with your rewards offerings does take time, but it doesn't take too much time. What you'll find is, the more you invest in your employees, the greater chance their engagement and productivity levels will increase.

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