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3 fall cleaning tips for your housekeeper or houseman

There is a lot of work to do before the holidays and cooler weather arrives, so make sure  you're prepared for both by adhering to the following three tips:

1. Prepare your yard

Housemen's role is to clean everything outside of your home, such as the outdoor furniture, windows, grill area, pool, driveway and garage. They also have the ability to make minor repairs around the home and are in charge of washing down and sometimes maintaining the vehicles.

Before winter arrives, create a checklist of things that should be done. Clean out and cover the pool, wash all the patio furniture and wipe down windows. Also, have them cover up the air conditioning unit to protect it from pests looking for a comfortable home. At this time your houseman can also check for any items that have been damaged. 

2. Clean your appliances

Clean everything from your stove and refrigerator to your HVAC system. Take out all unnecessary items from your refrigerator and only put back what you need. Scrub down your stove and microwave with dried baking soda and a damp cloth. Your housekeeper will know what chemicals to use to clean it out, but a more natural process is to use dried baking soda and a cloth.

3. Prepare your garden

Some housemen are skilled gardeners and can take care of your lawn and garden. Don't worry about how much water your garden is getting or whether the shrubs need to be pruned. They can take care of this for you. 

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