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3 germ-fighting tips for nannies

Cold weather often brings sniffles, coughs and illnesses among children. Whether it's the weather itself or being cooped up indoors more often, children get sick more often in the winter than the summer, but as a nanny, there are steps you can take to combat colds and fevers and help your charges enjoy the snow.

If your employer is sick, these tips can help you keep their child from also falling ill, or shorten the duration of their illness if they are already afflicted:

Clean everything – If someone in the household is sick those germs travel fast. Especially when caring for younger children, it is important to keep their toys and any surface in the home clean to minimize their contact with germs. Consider investing in a green anti-bacterial spray, and make sure no one is sharing blankets, toys or utensils in the house.

Keep them comfortable – If your charge is already sick, one of the most important things to do to help them feel better is keep them comfortable and entertained. Warm blankets and a movie on the couch can do wonders to help them combat a cold or the flu and get on the path to recovery.

Teach healthy habits – One's daily habits play a huge part in whether or not you get sick, so teaching your charge healthy habits, such as not sticking their toys in their mouth, washing their hands before eating and after using the bathroom and covering their mouth when they sneeze or cough can go a long way toward preventing illnesses when possible.

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