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3 great activities for nannies on rain days

April showers might bring May flowers, but they also trap nannies and their young charges indoors. Despite recent snowfall in New England, spring seems to be upon us and this means more rain. With the heavy amount of snow much of the nation received at the tail end of this past winter, it could mean a lot of rain as well. Nannies will need to have a variety of special rain-day activities planned to keep young children engaged and entertained throughout the next few weeks.

Nannies in LA looking for a few ideas of how to spend a rainy afternoon should read on:

Build something – Whether it's a pillow fort or a Lego castle, building something is a great way to spend hours engaged in a learning activity that is equally exciting. You can teach your young charge about structure design and get their creative juices flowing as well. The best ideas will be the ones they come up with on their own and you help them build, so encourage creative thinking.

Have a movie day – Another great rainy day activity is having a movie day. Select two or three movies that will keep them entertained but also have something else to offer, whether they are somewhat educational or contain a moral lesson. Make a few healthy treats to snack on and pop a movie in, and you can keep them happy while relaxing a little as well.

Visit a museum – If the weather isn't too awful and you feel like trekking outside, you could also take your young charge to a museum. Whether it's art or science, a museum is an amazing learning opportunity that is also engaging. Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

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