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3 great qualities you should look for in a recruiter: Part 1

Every staffing recruiter is different, but the best portray very similar characteristics. When you have the opportunity to speak with one, look for the following traits in him or her. If they portray these characteristics, you can be confident you are working with someone who is looking to place you in the right job.

1. Empathetic

No one likes to talk to someone who is cold, distant and unforgiving. If you fail to receive a job offer from the agency's client, the recruiter should focus on understanding your tough situation and provide you with valuable feedback. You'll want to know what the client liked about you and how you can improve going forward.

2. Strong follow up skills

How often does the recruiter follow up with you after you interview with the staffing agency or one of their clients? If you interview with their client, does the recruiter call you within 24 hours? They should for two reasons. First, you deserve the feedback. You worked hard to get to that point in the interview process. Second, the feedback could help you prepare to write a thank you letter or prepare for your next interview.

3. Engaging

A great recruiter knows how to probe your history, your likes and dislikes and your ambitions. They know how to key in on certain aspects of your background to figure out whether or not you're a great fit for a position. While they still may run through a list of pre-approved questions, the questions should be appropriate and on point. A recruiter who is engaging is someone you can trust to place you into the best situation to succeed.

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