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3 great spring activities for nannies

As the snow melts, the days warm up and flowers start to bloom, spring provides many opportunities for nannies looking for fun ways to entertain their young charges. The weather allows for much more time spent outdoors, but you need to know what activities to engage the child you care for in, and the optimal settings for both fun and developmental growth.

As a nanny, it's your job to share parts of the world with your charges, so it is important to engage them every day. Here are some fun activities for this spring to do just that:

Go on a picnic – Bring lunch outside by taking the children on a picnic. This can be a great way to entertain them, get some sun and still enjoy a meal sitting down. Plan around the weather and pick a warm day to avoid needing to bundle up.

Take a hike – Exploring the woods and getting some exercise at the same time makes hiking an excellent activity for any child. As the trees and plants start to blossom, this can be a great way to explore nature.

Visit the zoo – The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens offers a great place for a day trip for any nannies in LA. You can plan an afternoon or group trip with your charge's friends.

Don't miss out on the chance to have fun and learn new things this spring. Make sure you fill the days with excitement, adventure and laughs, to better help the child you care for continue to grow. For more advice or help finding a family to nanny for, contact Colonial Domestic Agency.

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