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3 helpful tips for nannies to provide the best possible service to the entire family

Being a nanny isn't just about taking care of children, it's about providing much needed services to a family to make their lives easier. Of course, the nurturing and education of children comes into play here, but there are many other things nannies should take into consideration that allows them to provide better service and make the most of the time they spend with a family.

For nannies in LA looking to make a difference, here are our top three tips:

  • Communicate – Communication is critical in any job, but doubly so as a nanny. Anything, no matter how unimportant, could be critical when it comes to proper care of a family's children, so make sure to listen and also provide feedback on what the children are doing, how they are behaving and if the family is running out of essential supplies. For example, don't assume your employer knows they are running low on diapers, let them know.
  • Research – This is particularly important when working with families that hail from other cultures. Make sure you understand family customs, traditions and eccentricities, even if you don't need to participate in them. Having a stronger understanding of the way your employer's family lives will help you take better care of their children and be ready to take on the responsibilities they need in a nanny.
  • Don't stress – One of the worst things a nanny can do is stress out and allow that stress to affect their relationship with their employee and their children. Leave the stress at home, and if something goes wrong, just communicate about it.

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