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3 lessons about staffing from nannies in movies

Selecting a nanny requires a lot of thought and consideration. Through the years, our concept of what a nanny is has been framed by cultural landmarks like Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music, as much as our experience with nannies in real life. Whether your hired help is "practically perfect in every way" or teaches your children something new, Colonial Domestic can help your family find the most appropriate fit for this important role.

Here are three of our favorite au pairs from the big screen and what they've taught us about hiring a nanny:

  • Mary Poppins: The most famous cinematic nanny of all teaches the Banks children about the value of tidiness, generosity and empathy. This musical reminds us that the people we charge with caring for our children should share our values. Childhood is a critical window for instilling those ideals, so discernment is key. 
  • The Sound of Music: Maria von Trapp brought a much-needed dose of music and creativity to her seven charges' lives. Whether you'd like for your children to be exposed to sports, fine arts or a second language, a nanny with the gumption and expertise to widen their horizons can be a positive influence in your home. 
  • The Nanny Diaries: In this 2006 film, Scarlett Johansson plays a recent college graduate who takes a nanny job with little experience. The film reminds parents to be forgiving of mistakes and to give nannies the space and time to rise to the occasion. In the film and in life, youth and energy can be a major asset. 

Finding a live-in nanny or au pair who fits seamlessly into your family can be challenging, but you don't have to do it alone. Contact Colonial Domestic Agency today to address your household staffing needs. 

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