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3 mistakes you shouldn’t make as a nanny

If you're starting a new nanny job, you need to be well prepared. Part of that means knowing what not to do. Here are few mistakes that nannies should never make.

1. Not communicating with parents
A big mistakes nannies make is not communicating properly with parents. Prior to taking the job, nannies and parents need to set boundaries, and this can be on any number of subjects.

One aspect of the job that should be discussed is scheduling. What time should the nanny arrive in the morning? When do they need to drop the kids off at school or practice? Both parties should also exchange contact information in case of emergencies. Great communication is the receipt to a healthy business relationship.

2. Being too lenient
It's ok to be the "cool teacher," but being able to command respect is important.  The same philosophy applies for nannies. It's ok to have fun, but don't be overly lenient. Nannies need to make sure they establish clear boundaries and are viewed as authoritative figures. Not only will this make their jobs easier, it'll also help parents feel more comfortable.

3. Not creating a weekly planner
Be flexible, but not too flexible. Do you a see theme in this article's last two entries? The theme is this: Everything in moderation. Creating a weekly planner helps nannies stay organized and work more efficiently. These organizers also allow parents to see what their children are up to during the day, which further builds trust. As we mentioned in our first entry, communication is a key facet of the parent-nanny dynamic.

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