3 possible duties of celebrity personal assistants

Filling celebrity assistant jobs can take an employer a little trial and error. After all, it might be awhile before you find someone truly helpful who will keep pace with a particular schedule. You can learn a lot from individual stories, and Refinery29 recently spoke to a 25-year-old assistant named only as V, who has been working for an anonymous female movie star for more than a year.

"Any time she asks for my opinion on something, I feel rewarded. But most recently, she gave me a creative project, which was thrilling," V said. "She emphasized how much she needed me to impress her, and that she couldn't hold my hand through the process. And then I did it and she was blown away. So that was great!"

Here are a few duties that a personal assistant can take on to help you feel like a celebrity:

  • Taking care of pets: V described walking the employer's dog for four hours at a time, even in inconvenient weather.
  • Working flexible hours: As an assistant, V said that the schedule is similar to being "on-call."
  • Verifying security: A new wrinkle in the life of the modern celebrity is cybersecurity. Are their profiles and digital properties safe? A Los Angeles Times article described personal assistants working with security consultants to make the person feel safer on the internet.

Employing a hardworking assistant can start a great working relationship as he or she comes to know your schedule while still remaining flexible. Eventually, they might even become a familiar part of your life.

Filling personal assistant jobs in LA starts with getting advice from a staffing agency that steers you toward the right person. After that, an understanding can develop as the assistant comes to know the client's needs.

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