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3 professionals to hire during the winter

If you live in L.A. but have a cold weather vacation home, think about hiring a professional staff. These staff members can help your family better enjoy your vacation and also take some stress off of you.

1. Personal chef

If you're traveling to your ski lodge this winter, think about hiring a personal chef. Personal chefs hired through Colonial Domestic can cook up a hearty, warm meal for you and your family. Don't worry about breakfast, lunch, dinner or desserts when you hire a personal chef. Give them an outline of what type of food you like and they can cook up some classic winter treats.

2. Chauffeur

If you like to take day trips from your cold weather vacation home but are nervous about driving in the snow, hire a chauffeur. Chauffeurs are meticulous drivers with a high level of training and expertise. They know how to manage all types of road conditions to keep you and your family (and your car) safe from unexpected hazards.

3. Personal assistant

If you travel for work during the winter, you know how stressful it can be. Are your flights always delayed. Take some of this stress off by hiring a personal assistant to book traveling arrangements for you.

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