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3 qualities of a great chef

Want to go on an adventure, but can't afford that bold trek through the Amazon rainforest? Hire a great chef. For much less than a two week excursion, a chef can introduce you to an unexplored world right in your home.

In searching for a chef, here are some characteristics you should consider.

1. Organization

Where is the pepper, the extra-virgin olive oil and the onion powder? The tomatoes are sizzling in the pan, but some water is needed to prevent charring. Now, where's the salt, the meat, the garlic powder? Does anybody know?

Let's slow down for a second. Is your chef organized? An organized chef will not only cook your meal more effectively, but the fact he or she spends less time cooking could save you money. More so, your chef will spend less time searching for the ingredients needed to make that hearty tomato sauce and you'll spend more time eating it.

2. Versatility

As much as someone might love homemade macaroni and cheese, we can't imagine they'd enjoy eating it every night. A quality chef who is cooking a marinara sauce will know the difference between Sweet Basil and Christmas Basil. Of course, Sweet Basil is normally used in making pesto, while Christmas Basil will make it taste more like fruit.  In this case, we'd opt to use the Sweet Basil.

3. Determination

What if a chef were to use Dark Opal Basil instead of that Sweet Basil for his or her tomato sauce? That could be an interesting transition, but a chef would never know unless they've tried. The purple leafed Dark Opal Basil is often used in salads and stir fries, but can provide pesto with an interesting flavor, let alone an unexpected color. The New York Time cited Leon Lianides, owner of Coach House restaurant in Manhattan who said,  "If you don't have that love, and by that I mean appreciation and love for the ingredients, you are not going to do anything.

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