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3 qualities to look for when hiring an estate manager

Estate managers oversee some of the most important details in the lives of their employers. From standard day-to-day household operations to the hiring of new staff, having a savvy, intelligent and, above all else, trustworthy estate manager allows anyone to rest easy knowing their house will run like clockwork.

Of course, estate management is a challenging profession and no two estate managers are alike, with a variety of special skills and abilities being unique to each individual. However, there are certain traits and qualities that all estate managers should possess, so it is important to find one with these skills, as well as the personal traits you are looking for in your one-of-a-kind household.

The three most important traits to look for when hiring an estate manager are:

Comfort with your lifestyle – You don't want to hire an estate manager who isn't able to keep up with how you live your life, whether it be your interest in technology or the arts. You want to hire someone who shares similar hobbies and is knowledgeable about the things you are most passionate about. You wouldn't hire someone with no interest in art if you spend much of your time collecting it.

Excellent communication skills – Your estate manager isn't a just a butler, they also manages the rest of your household staff. Often, these key members of your home don't act as domestic staff at all, but rather work behind the scenes. They also usually act as both the hiring manager and human resources director of the rest of your staff, so you want to ensure whoever you hire is excellent working with other people.

Timeliness – Another essential trait of any estate manager is reliability and timeliness. Look for someone who is always punctual, knows what they needs to do and at what time to do it, and is also able to adapt to your schedule flawlessly. This will ensure they are able to run your home and make sure everyone stays on your schedule, no matter how busy it is.

Being an estate manager isn't just about running the household staff, but being a leader, having business acumen and possessing critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. Never settle for less than the perfect estate manager for your needs, because this will ensure that every other member of your household staff is as well.

If you're looking to bring in a new estate manager or are hiring one for the first time, come to Colonial Domestic Agency. We understand the unique needs of homeowners around Los Angeles and can find the perfect match for you.

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