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3 rainy day activities for nannies to keep children engaged

Before the school year starts, children have a lot of pent up energy and excitement, and a rainy day can wreak havoc on any outdoor plans. Having a few quick activities on standby that can be easily put into play will help a nanny keep her charges engaged and save her mental health in the long run.

Great rainy day activities are defined by how easy they are to implement on the fly. Nannies need to be able to easily change course and pull out coloring books, crafts or even science experiments to keep the children they care for happy.

Here are a few great activities for any nanny to have prepared:

  • Coloring – Having a few coloring books, crayons, colored pencils and scrap paper on hand is an easy way to engage children for hours. Plus, any nanny with a little bit of background in art can use coloring as a teaching exercise!
  • Games – From cards to more expansive board games, there are nearly endless options for games to play with children. Keep a deck of cards around or a well-stock game library to pull out on a rainy day, and any nanny can turn boredom into hours of excitement.
  • Impromptu scavenger hunt – A basic list of household items is all that is needed to launch an impromptu scavenger hunt. Nannies can have children search for their father's socks, toothbrushes, a yellow toy and anything in between.

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