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3 reason nannies quit their jobs

Nannies don't have it easy. Often, they have to cook, clean, chauffeur children around and help kids with their homework. They're basically versatile tools, much like parents, which makes their jobs so difficult.

Despite these challenges, many nannies actually love having these responsibilities. They enjoy the idea of making a difference in children's lives by cooking enjoyable, healthy meals or assisting kid with their school projects.

So what makes them run away from their jobs? We've compiled a short list parents should take note of. All of these are certainly avoidable and will make the nanny's life much less stressful.

1. Unclear expectations
Parents and nannies need to work together to create weekly calendars and plans. Establishing expectations early helps nannies prepare well before they arrive at the family's home. This, in turn, reduces their stress levels.

2. Power struggle with parents
It's often more difficult for nannies to do their jobs effectively when parents work from home. There are two reasons for this. First, children know their parents are home, and they're more likely to turn to the parents when they're in need. Second, some parents may find it difficult to surrender control to other caretakers. Both of these situations put a tremendous amount of pressure on nannies who need to be seen as authoritative figures.

3.  Parents who micromanage
Micromanaging often happens because the authoritative figures (the parents, in this case) don't trust their employees (nannies). If parents don't trust the caretakers they hired, it's best they hire a new nanny.

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