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3 reasons to choose experienced estate managers for large properties

Managing a larger home is very different from managing a smaller one. If you have a grand estate, you'll need someone with experience working for your size of household. Estate managers with the correct background have already won half the battle, since they can prove that they understand the type of assistance you need.

Here are three reasons to prefer someone who has worked for a large estate before when finding the right fit for yours:

  1. Familiarity with large grounds: Large, sprawling estates come with many tasks that need accounting for. While an estate manager's duties could depend upon the home in question, one thing many of these houses will have in common is size. Simply having worked in a home with several bedrooms and bathrooms, not to mention facilities like swimming pools, boat docks and gardens, could prepare a manager for other homes like it.
  2. Knowledge of professionalism: A manager should take their responsibilities seriously, as a 2015 article from Investopedia cited. This source compared the manager's role to that of "a highly qualified CEO," which shows the high level of detail this person will bring to their position. 
  3. Understanding of client relationships: Some owners need managers for their temporary homes, or because they are constantly traveling, as that same Investopedia article noted. Again, not every manager will have the same experience, but the more years they've put behind them in the role, the more likely they'll be ready for a luxury homeowner's lifestyle.

Colonial Domestic Agency will present candidates with between three and five years of experience. Knowing this will help you find someone ready to handle a large-sized property. The best staff will know what to expect, and still be able to work with you for exact service.

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