3 reasons to hire a personal assistant

Anyone can benefit from hiring a personal assistant, whether they're an executive or a small business owner. These employees can help take care of daily tasks and chores, allowing you to focus on your business or family and simplify your life by managing your schedule and keeping it less hectic. This is particularly advantageous for anyone focusing aggressively on the growth of their business but still looking to spend quality time at home.

If you're considering hiring a personal assistant, consider these benefits they can bring to your business and household:

Filter your communications – Especially for business owners, you receive a significant number of unsolicited emails, phone calls and other forms of communication on any given day. Whether you're a celebrity or just someone who gets a lot of spammy emails, a personal assistant can screen all communication before you see it to filter out the unimportant ones.

Give you more free time – Personal assistants also help free up your time in many other ways. Picking up lunch, running mid-day errands, typing up email responses or scheduling meetings can suck up a lot of time every week that could be spent being productive and getting work done. With an assistant to handle these tasks for you, you could finish work and return home earlier in the evenings.

Manage your schedule – Setting up meetings, rearranging appointments and staying on top of all of them can be a struggle for a busy professional. A personal assistant can manage your calendar and remind you of important meetings while helping keep your days open for a little free time as you need it.

If you're considering hiring a personal assistant, Colonial Domestic Agency can help you find one that suits your own unique needs, whether it's managing your day-to-day or handling shopping and other basic tasks a few times a week.

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