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3 reasons to hire multiple domestic staff

Hiring help for the home can be a great way to enhance your quality of life and eliminate stress in multiple areas. From nannies to housekeepers, they provide valuable services that any household can benefit from.

However, one problem that many families encounter is not hiring enough home employees.

"For most families with household staff, help is not a luxury but a necessity," Kathleen English, a professional in the domestic staffing industry, told the New York Times. "Let's look at what we're talking about here. This category encompasses your babysitter, your cleaning lady, the helpmate for your mom, the folks who cut your grass and help keep your house running smoothly while you work."

In many instances, a family will hire a housekeeper, but expect them to act as a nanny, personal chef and cleaner rolled into one. This can burn out a single person, and often involves tasks that don't fall into their skill set anyway. This is why households need to consider hiring multiple domestic staff to handle the various roles they require.

Child care – When it comes to having someone care for your child, you really want to make sure you hire a dedicated professional. Hiring a nanny, rather than expecting a housekeeper to perform this task, is essential for providing your child with the best possible care.

Cleaning – On the other hand, expecting a nanny or private chef to clean as well may be going outside of their job expectations. Many people enter these fields because of a specialized skill set and won't be interested in performing tasks outside of it. Unless it is specifically agreed upon in the hiring contract, you should hire a separate housekeeper to do your cleaning.

Management – You also shouldn't expect a housekeeper to help you manage your home on a larger scale. Estate managers are dedicated experts in household management and organization, and if you own a larger home, it could be highly beneficial to bring one on.

Also remember that not all domestic staff will have the same technical training — a housekeeper likely won't be trained in CPR, while a nanny probably will be.

Hiring multiple employees for your home helps ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. This is particularly important for larger estates, families with multiple children or with elderly family members living with them. Two hands are better than one in any such household.

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