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3 reasons to use a domestic staffing agency for your hiring needs

Working with a domestic staffing agency is the perfect way to reduce the stress of hiring a new nurse, chef or house manager, to name a few. You can’t have a full-time job and expect to also be the human resources department for your household. A staffing agency does this for you.

1. Lack of time

Let’s face it, you and your family are busy people. Now more than ever, both parents are working. However, that doesn’t mean life at home stops during or after the workday. Parents still need to drive kids to sport’s practice, meet with teachers and help with homework, which leaves very little time to search job boards for qualified nannies or personal assistants. Let a staffing agency do all the leg work for you.

2. It can provide perspective

You may know you need a nanny to help care for your kids when you’re at work, but you may not know what to look for in a quality nanny. A domestic staffing firm can not only provide you with key information about the type of nanny  that may work best for you, it will then research nannies for you.

3. Ease

You’ll  have to spend time understanding and analyzing candidates’ backgrounds and go through the same tedious hiring process if the candidate doesn’t work out. A domestic staffing agency can help take the work load off of you by researching and screening potential clients. Colonial Domestic will even replace a candidate and waive any fees if the new hire doesn’t work out.

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