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3 remote alternatives to the standard job interview to be ready for

There are many different types of interviews, and domestic services workers should be ready to adapt to the latest trends. Clients could want to interview you multiple ways, and if so, you've got to be ready to meet whatever their preferred form of communication. The medium you use will make a difference, even if it all seems the same to you at first.

Home staff are a part of other people's lives, and need to convey a sense of trust. Here are some tips for three kinds of remote interviews you might encounter, and the things you need to prepare for with each:

  • Phone interviews: Speaking slowly and clearly may be a good idea in general, but it's essential when your voice is all you have. Other than that, you should do as much research as you can before the interview begins. Keep your reference notes in front of you if necessary.
  • Pre-recorded interviews: A Quartz piece recently acknowledged the way employers can use applicant videos to judge a candidate. This could be a good way for them to save time, so it helps for you to be concise, as well as relaxed. 
  • Video interviews: A live video interview might combine elements of both of the above options. In addition to rehearsing, job seekers should pay attention to their surroundings, and adjust the lighting and camera accordingly. As with the phone, there may be technical problems that interrupt the conversation, so be ready with a backup plan if so.

No matter how the interview plays out, you need to put your best foot forward to make a good impression. Domestic staffing agencies will give you a good base to start from. Colonial Domestic Agency is a strong choice for all sorts of professionals in the area.

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