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3 summer dishes to try with your chef

Summer is upon us, and it’s a time of year that might give you a craving for fresh, sweet dishes. With access to personal chefs in Los Angeles, you can find someone to help you prepare the things you have always wanted to try.

For some, this could be a great chance to try some new plates just in time for outdoor gatherings. Get to know the foods you want ahead of time and you’ll have a list of menu items to work with your chef on. If you need a place to get started, why not take a cue from local eateries and trends. Here are a few meals and snacks to try this season:

  • Grilled vegetables: For many, the grill is the quintessential tool for summer cooking. There are different ways to grill, depending on the food you’re making, and The Daily Meal suggested that vegetable kabobs might make a great option for the summer.
  • Seafood: Local markets give you a great chance to hunt for new seafood to work with. OC Weekly reported on a market named TRADE, which is bringing a seafood seller, among other suppliers, to the area. Explore the freshest catches for more possibilities: You might want to discuss new possible markets with your chef.
  • Strawberry salad: California Pizza Kitchen announced its summer menu recently, which contains several strawberry-based selections. In addition to sweet drinks and desserts, you may also want to try a zesty fruit-flavored salad for classic refreshment.

Living in Orange County gives you great access to fresh foods and local farmers. You don’t have to be a skilled kitchen wizard yourself if you can hire a personal chef to help you. Domestic staffing professionals will help you find the  best candidates and fill your household with productive, knowledgeable staff.

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