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3 talents every estate manager should develop

Estate managers have broad and varied roles in any household. From acting as the domestic staffing manager to being in charge of purchasing decisions regarding decorations and other household items, an estate manager has an important role to fill, and developing talents in a variety of areas will help ensure they are able to perform above and beyond the expectations of their employer. It’s not just about running the household staff, but being a leader, having business acumen and having critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

In order to be successful as an estate manager there are a wide number of talents that have to be developed, including:

Be multi-lingual – Knowing multiple languages will be a major boon as an aspiring estate manager, especially in Los Angeles. Whether it’s negotiating with contractors, interviewing staff applicants, or even running errands about the city, knowing Spanish and other more common languages in Southern California can be critical for speeding up tasks and ensuring your place as head of the household.

Learn cultural distinctions – Not only is being more cultured important as a representative of your owners household, but it can help you make more informed decisions regarding art, decorations and even linen purchases. Being up-to-date on etiquette and cultural expectations will go a long way toward cementing a place as an invaluable member of the household staff.

Understand technology – Being technologically-savvy is essential for estate managers. Whether your employer is looking to have a home automation system installed, or simply to advise on purchasing decisions on the latest mobile devices, being up-to-date on technology will open up more doors and help you make more insightful decisions across the board.

For those who believe they have the inherent skill and knowledge to be an amazing estate manager, Colonial Domestic Agency providers high-quality placement services to help you find the right household for your talent.

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