3 things every successful executive assistant does

Finding the right executive assistant in Beverly Hills is invaluable. The resources saved by delegating everyday logistics to a qualified professional can give employers time to devote to the things at which they excel, while simultaneously reducing stress. Excelling in this role requires a keen combination of qualities, of which the following are the most important:

  • Good communication skills: The relationship between an employer and an executive assistant is only as good as their communication. It's vital that the message delivered is the same as the message received, and if both parties aren't on the same page, mistakes can occur. The ideal assistant is clear, concise and friendly, and is able to deftly interpret a wide variety of messages. 
  • Organization: One of the primary reasons people seek help is that they have trouble getting organized. As an executive assistant, part of your job is to manage all of the little details that would otherwise get lost in the shuffle, and to be able to produce them when needed. The better-organized an assistant is, the greater value they will be able to provide to an employer.
  • Wise judgment: Communication can only go so far — at some point, every executive assistant needs to make a judgment call. Being able to weigh all the variables and come up with the correct decision is crucial in those moments where time is scarce and a choice has to be made. There is a fine line between thoughtful caution and a paralyzing fear of doing the wrong thing. 

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