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3 things nannies can do to protect kids from fall allergies

If the children you take care of suffer from allergies, you may be wondering how you can help them. After all, fall is a great time of the year to spend outdoors, so they'll probably want to make the best of it.

This year has been one of the worst allergy seasons for many across the country. For those in the northeast, the pollen count has been surprisingly and dangerously high. A long winter pushed back spring and the growing season. When spring eventually arrived, heavy rain caused rapid plant growth, which in turn increased the amount of pollen. This is a similar scenario that has played out in many parts of the country.

Some research has even indicated that areas of the U.S. are experiencing an uptick in pollen because of unusually dry weather conditions from several years ago. This weather caused plants to release a lot of pollen at once this year to ensure the survival of their species. 

So, why did we just provide such an extensive weather report? As a nanny, it's important to not only know how to treat allergies, but understand why kids are sneezing or coughing. Understanding weather patterns can help you ensure children avoid pitfalls other allergy sufferers fall into. This knowledge will also help you better treat allergies because you'll be able to identify the source. 

Ensure the children enjoy fall by adhering to the following three pieces of advice. These tips will help you better protect kids from pollen and mold spores.

1. Plan indoor entertainment

If kids suffer from allergies, the best thing they can do is to stay inside during peak hours of the day. In many parts of the nation, ragweed has already begun to distribute billions of pollen seeds. That's two weeks earlier than normal and a direct result of the abnormal weather conditions taking place. Many parts of the country had a prolonged winter and wet spring and early summer which led to increased pollen counts.

Play games inside, read books, watch movies or bake healthy treats. Because fall has arrived, you could even purchase pumpkins for the kids and help decorate them.

2. Be vigilant when cleaning your property

Have you ever raked leaves and started to sneeze? The reason this happens is because you're stirring up mold spores. Even though the kids may love raking and jumping into leaf piles, we recommend hiring a professional to clean up the yard instead.

Consider staying indoors when it's windy because mold spores may be airborne. Instead, wait until the wind settles.

Finally, always ensure the kids avoid wet areas such as basements, garages or barns. These areas are Petri dishes for spores.

3. Protect the home

Keep windows closed during peak hours of the day and make sure that air filtration systems are clean. Some northern areas of the country even experienced an unusually hot September, so nannies living in these areas might consider turning the AC on instead.

Remember to also keep the home clean. When kids come in the house, make sure they take off their shoes. This will inhibit the spread of dirt and allergens.

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