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3 things parents can now do again when hiring a nanny

Remember when you and your spouse were younger? Every day would bring a new adventure, challenge and story to tell. Having kids was one of your proudest moments, but there were certain things you had to give up so you could take care of them. Wouldn't you like to be able to do both: have fun with your kids and get back the sense of young wonder you had to surrender years ago?

You can by hiring a nanny. Here are three long-lost activities you can instantly get back:

1. Spontaneous vacations

Ok, sure, these vacations will kind of be spontaneous. You'll probably have to still give your nanny at least a few weeks' notice, but you won't have to plan your vacation around your kids' schedules.

2. Dinners out

Taking your family out to dinner is a great way to bond, but let's say that fine dining restaurant you and your spouse first met at really isn't kid friendly. Therefore, it's been difficult to eat there more than once a year. A nanny will allow you and your spouse to recreate the magic at that special restaurant more often.

3. Reconnect with friends

One regret many people have later in life is they never stayed in touch with friends because they became so consumed with work or taking care of their family. By hiring a nanny, you'll have more time to reach out to those who, say, helped introduce you and your spouse in the first place.

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