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3 things your nanny will need to handle an emergency

Accidents happen whether you're home or not, and if your child is with its nanny you'll want to make sure that she will react in the same way you would, if not even more calm and collected. As such, it is critically important that you keep your nanny informed of any and all relevant information that could be important should your child be injured or otherwise need emergency services while in their care.

Here are a few of the key details you should make sure you nanny is aware of in a crisis:

Allergy information – If your child has any allergies your nanny should be well aware of them. Whether they are allergic to cats or penicillin, make sure your nanny has this information documented and memorized so she can inform emergency services if needed.

Directions to the local hospital – If your nanny doesn't live in the immediate area, provide her with directions and the address of the local hospital where you would take your child. Not all emergencies warrant a call to 911 or an ambulance, in which case your nanny will want to take your child to the hospital herself.

Emergency contact information – While it might be troubling to think of, there's always the possibility that, in the event of an accident, you won't be reachable by your nanny. While they can leave you a voicemail you should also make sure they have all of the relevant emergency contact information they might need in such situations. Having a list of phone numbers for your child's physician, daycare or other educational services and another family member who they can inform will help them keep a crisis from worsening.

First aid training – If your nanny doesn't already have it, consider paying for her to receive first aid and CPR certification. This will be beneficial to her as well as you and your child by boosting her skill set with potentially life-saving knowledge.

Identifying information – Should you and your emergency contact be unavailable you'll want to ensure you nanny is able to assist emergency services as much as possible. Make sure she has a recent photo of your child, recent height and weight, hair color and eye color information, and your child's medical insurance data readily available. It can also help to sign a affidavit authorizing her to secure medical attention as needed. Furthermore, make sure your nanny has access to up-to-date immunization records for your child.

Having a nanny that is well-prepared for any crisis can be a literal lifesaver. If you're looking to hire a nanny in LA, contact Colonial Domestic Agency.

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