3 tips for being a better personal assistant

The ideal role for a personal assistant is to become your boss's right hand, knowing what they need even before they do. This requires some time to get to know the person, so no personal assistant in Los Angeles should expect to enter a job and immediately become the best possible PA you can. However, with these three tips, you can even the odds in your favor.

Learn their personal preferences – More important than just how they take their coffee, knowing your bosses personal preferences in how they file, answer emails and manage their time will play a major role in how you become indispensable. By learning these preferences and acting on them, you can quickly endear yourself and earn the trust and respect of your employer.

Learn their pet peeves – Just as important as preferences are learning what to avoid. This can be as trivial as not wearing a color shirt that your boss dislikes, to not scheduling any meetings before 10 am. Breaking a pet peeve can undo weeks or even months of trust building, though your boss should also understand that everyone makes mistakes once in a while.

Respect their privacy – Especially initially, a personal assistant is still just an employee. Regardless of how familiar your relationship is, remembering to respect your boss's privacy and protect that privacy will earn their trust and admiration. As a personal assistant you'll also be privy to certain private details about your boss's life, so knowing how to stay tight lipped is also important.

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