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3 tips for being a more effective housekeeper

Housekeeping is a much more engaging job than many people realize, and keeping your employers home spotless requires an intimate knowledge of cleaning techniques and tricks that make your day a little easier and make them happy about the work you do. For any housekeepers in Los Angeles, gaining a few more tips on ways to optimize workflow, clean a little faster and do a better job will go a long way toward cementing your place in a household or gaining a glowing recommendation if you decide to move on.

Below are a few key tips that any housekeeper can take to heart:

Know your stains – Different spills and stains require different techniques to remove them. Blood is best cleaned with hydrogen peroxide, while shaving cream is also known to remove difficult blood stains. Other stains, such as chocolate, require a two-prong attack, cleaning up the non-greasy and greasy sides of the mess separately.

Service the appliances – Don't just take care of the house, take care of your tools as well. Make sure to thoroughly clean all of your cleaning equipment, even if you don't own it, regularly, and service any appliances, such as vacuums, to ensure a longer lifespan and higher-quality performance over time.

Time yourself – Timing yourself on specific tasks can help you utilize that time much more effectively and break your cleaning down to a science. This will help you accomplish specific jobs faster, and ensure that every task gets accomplished in a timely manner.

Housekeepers are an integral part of any LA household. If you're interested in finding employment in the domestic services, contact Colonial Domestic Agency for more information on our job placement services.

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