3 tips for being the best personal assistant possible

Being a personal assistant in Los Angeles is about more than keeping a schedule or running errands. In order to be the best personal assistant possible you need to learn to anticipate your bosses' needs, go above his or her expectations and become invaluable in his or her personal and business lives. This requires taking a few steps toward self-improvement and possibly picking up a few new skills along the way.

Here are three of our top tips for being the best personal assistant you can possibly be, and becoming invaluable to your employer:

Be proactive – Your employer expects you to make their life easier, so do so. Make changes that will give them a few spare minutes here and there, an extra hour at home in the evening or even save them a weekend of work. They'll appreciate it and the hard work you do to make it happen. Even if it's simply rearranging their schedule to make it more productive, being proactive and making changes to the everyday activities they engage in is a core part of your job.

Communicate – Every job is a learning process, even being a personal assistant. Even if you've been working with your employer for a while, if a situation arises where you aren't able to anticipate their needs, don't hesitate to ask. It's better to ask and get it right than guess and get it wrong and screw up their entire day.

Learn to innovate – Your employer doesn't just want someone to pick up their coffee and answer the phone, they probably have a secretary for that already. They're looking for a "right hand" who can make their life a little easier. This may mean running personal errands, or, in some situations, even attending meetings in their place and keeping them abreast of the topics discussed. This may require a little innovation and thinking on your feet – your boss expects you to make the decisions they would, so take notes and learn from them.

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