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3 tips for easing a child into having a new nanny

Hiring a new nanny can be a troubling time for your child, who may have gotten attached to their previous caregiver. This can be a delicate change for the child and the family, so it's best to ease them into the relationship with their new nanny. These three tips can help ensure a successful transition to the new caregiver:

Be consistent – While minor schedule changes may be necessary, try to pass on the notes and schedules of the previous nanny to the new one. Maintaining a similar structure will help your child adjust and feel less resentful toward the new caregiver.

Don't expect the nanny to hit the ground running – While you may be used to a certain style and level of interaction due to your previous nanny, you need to remember that the new nanny may do things a little differently or need a little time to adjust to your household. Holding them to the same standard as your previous nanny immediately is unfair to both of you.

Give your child a voice – If your child is old enough, make sure to include them in the selection process and keep them informed of the transition. Discuss what he or she loved about their previous nanny, what they disliked and allow them to meet candidates during the interview process so they can interact. This will help ease the transition, as your child will know that you care about their connection with both the old and new nannies.

Whenever you hire a nanny, either for the first time or to replace one leaving your service, it is important to choose the very best. Going through a domestic staffing agency, like Colonial Domestic Agency, will help you select from the best nannies in Los Angeles.

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