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3 tips for expanding your potential as a nanny

The difference between being a good nanny and an amazing one often lies in how much professional growth you seek in your free time. You can care for a child, but in order to truly make an impact on his or her life, you should also consider expanding your horizons and focusing on career development.

Here are a few tips for expanding your potential as a nanny:

Keep up with industry developments – Following news and updates within the childcare and nanny jobs industry is an important way to continue developing your professional growth. There are always ways to expand, such as taking new certification courses or simply reading news blogs related to nannying.

Join professional groups – There are plenty of ways to connect with your colleagues in this profession. LinkedIn is a great example of a place where networking communities start and grow, and there are several nanny-focused groups you can join to connect, share ideas with and further your professional development.

Make sure you love your job – One of the most important aspects of career development in any industry is loving the work you do. Nannying has unique rewards that almost no other career path has, which in turn can really make anyone who cares about children love this line of work.

Being a nanny in LA can be one of the most meaningful career paths open to you. If you're considering becoming a professional nanny, contact Colonial Domestic Agency. We can help connect you with a family in need of your services, and provide advice on developing your skills to continue growing in this industry.

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