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3 tips for improving your resume for a career in domestic services

Most resume optimization advice focuses on applicant tracking systems for large companies. However, in the domestic services industry, it is highly unlikely that a potential employer will be running your resume through a computer, but rather going over it by hand. In these instances, you will want to take a slightly different approach to improving the piece of paper that sets your first impression.

Your resume provides an interviewer with a snapshot of your personal history in the workforce and education. However, it also offers an example of your attention to detail, communication skills and creativity. As such you don't just want to offer a review of your employment record, but an image that impresses your potential employer.

To this end, here are a few tips for giving your resume a personal touch:

Be creative – Any resume that isn't a standard list of skills and experience in black and white will immediately stand out, and when you're looking for private chef or nanny jobs in Los Angeles, this helps set you apart from the competition and give you an edge. Consider using colors in your resume or even including images.

Make it shorter – The less time you spend explaining your job history and the more time spent on explaining how those experiences have helped you grow in your field, the more impressive your resume will look in the end. 

Tailor it to the job – Of course, you also want to tailor your resume to the specific job you're applying for. Only include skills that are relevant to the job or that highlight extra talents you could bring to it. Furthermore, rewrite your personal history to reflect how you're the best candidate for the position.

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