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3 tips for landing your dream job in 2015

With January gone and February already underway, anyone seeking new employment this year needs to get a move on it. Luckily, there are many ways to optimize your job search, resume and interview skills to help you explore your career goals and start down the path you most desire faster. Below are three tips to help you kickstart your job search in 2015:

Avoid getting discouraged – One of the number one reasons job seekers take a long time to find new employment is because they slow down their search due to discouragement. Rather than getting discouraged because you didn't nail an interview or score a call back, take some time to recenter yourself. Arnie Fetig, a job hunting coach expert, notes that "a day without an interview is not a day off" from the hunt. 

Budget your time better – Job searching, interviewing and maintaining your stress levels is all about time management. It is important to schedule time for networking, emailing and job searching. Stick to that schedule in order to optimize your time around interviews and other events that crop up in between.

Reconnect with your references – A critical part of landing your dream job is having the right recommendations behind you. Make sure you're reconnecting with the people you're using as references, ensuring they know what your career goals are and what you're looking to accomplish — and that you haven't forgotten about them either.

If you want 2015 to be the year your dreams are accomplished, consider connecting with Colonial Domestic Agency. We can help you find your next job in the domestic service industry, whether you're a personal chef, nanny, housekeeper or chauffeur.

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