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3 tips for looking your best at an interview

Job interviews aren't just about demonstrating that you have the skills needed for the job. Your potential employer also wants to see that you know how to present yourself during these initial meetings. Half of looking your best for an interview is knowing what to wear. However, it can get tricky in the service industry. You want to look your best and show your employer that you know how to present yourself in public, especially when interviewing for a public-facing position, such as a chauffeur, nanny or butler.

Below are a few suggestions for looking your best and dressing to impress for any job interview for domestic staff jobs:

Don't over-accessorize – Accessories make any outfit, but going overboard will make you look tacky or, even  worse, offensive. Make sure you pick accessories that complement, rather than overshadow, your primary clothing. Avoid loud ties, oversized jewelry and overdoing it on perfume or cologne. You want your accessories to show that you have a flair for style, rather than appear like you're the one who's the accessory.

Make sure it fits – It doesn't matter how expensive your clothes are: If they don't fit you're going to look sloppy, and no one want to hire a sloppy maid or personal assistant. Get your suit tailored, or take your dress to a seamstress to make sure it fits in all the right ways. A well-fit, tailored look will make you look sharp and snappy, qualities that your potential employer will appreciate.

Pick the right color – When it comes to a suit, black, brown, gray and navy are the ideal colors to pick. They aren't too loud, go with everything and make you look sharp. Unusual colored suits might work well for a job interview in a creative role, but for a domestic staff positive you want to appear sensible and intelligent. For women, black and blue are still great choices, but you have more variety of color to work with. According to Come Recommended, orange is the worst color to pick, as most employers feel it looks unprofessional.

Always put your best foot forward and dress to impress at a job interview to set a strong first impression and let the one interviewing you know that you're serious about the opportunity. It may not even be your principal doing the interview, since they may leave the job to their estate manager, but professionalism always matters. If you're looking for domestic staff jobs in LA, contact Colonial Domestic Agency. Our expert job placement team will find the perfect role for you in a household where your talents and personality will fit in.

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