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3 tips for maximizing your LinkedIn profile exposure

Landing a job in the Internet age is about more than a good resume. Job seekers need to maximize their online profiles to appeal to potential employers for domestic services positions, whether applying online or not. A simple Google search can bring up Facebook and LinkedIn profiles easily, so applicants need to ensure they are optimizing their profiles for maximum exposure and appeal.

For most job seekers, LinkedIn is a valuable tool, and searching for jobs through the site also means having a high-quality profile that attracts potential employers. Whether looking for private chef jobs or positions at a business, your LinkedIn profile really has to shine. The following three tips can help optimize your online presence and make the most of this valuable resource.

Make the most of the summary – LinkedIn includes a profile summary for a reason. According to LinkedInsights, it's the most important whitespace on a page, and writing a great summary will immediately hook someone reviewing your profile and can convince them to keep reading.

Use LinkedIn groups – LinkedIn's groups offer a way to network and connect with other professionals with similar interests, but they also show a potential employer how engaged you are in the field. Joining a "personal assistant" group can help connect you with jobs and other professionals to learn about available positions, the intricacies of certain employers and other helpful information.

Customize your URL – An often overlooked factor on LinkedIn is the option to customize your web address. This helps employers connect to your profile faster and makes it more memorable, according to The Muse. It also makes it easier to publicize your profile in your resume, email or other websites.

Once your LinkedIn profile is optimized, Colonial Domestic Agency can help you start searching for that dream job as a personal assistant, chauffeur or nanny.

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