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3 tips for new nannies

For those just entering the nannying profession, there can be a bit of a learning curve. Every family can have different preferences and requirements of their nanny, and you'll need to be able to roll with the punches and adapt quickly to their needs. In order to make a great initial impression and continue to have a positive impact on your family's lives, you'll also have to ensure you remember the little details that will make your relationship smoother.

Below are a few tips for maximizing your role in a family's lives and meeting their expectations as a nanny:

Remember their quirks – Certain preferences can quickly become irksome for a family if you can't remember them. These quirks can range from only using bottled water to properly dressing the children in the morning, but meeting certain preferences will help you stand out and be that much more valuable to the family you serve.

Be prompt and accommodating – Being late as a nanny can disrupt a family's entire day. The parents may not be able to leave for work, or the children might be late for important lessons. It is critical for you to be on time if you aren't a live-in nanny and to be accommodating to requests to stay late on occasion or run errands with the children in an emergency.

Be polite – The most important thing a nanny needs to remember is to always be polite. Even when turning down odd requests or reporting a child's misbehavior, it is essential to act with decorum and be polite to the family you work with in order to convey respect and a professional attitude.

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