3 tips for personal assistants around the holidays

The holiday season can be a difficult one for personal assistants. In addition to all your regular tasks you may have to fit in buying your employer's presents for their family, scheduling parties, attending events and all your personal plans as well. This makes the winter holidays a particular hectic time of year, and personal assistants need all the help they can get to make them as stress-free as possible.

Below are a few tips for managing your schedule and your bosses around Christmas, Hanukkah and all the other events and celebrations that occur in December:

Do your shopping at the same time – If you're doing the present shopping for your boss, save yourself some hassle and do yours at the same time. It will save you a lot of time and stress later one getting all of your shopping done at once and minimizing the number of trips you have to make to busy stores.

Don't compare – Your employer might be throwing extravagant parties or purchasing expensive gifts, so don't try to compare your holidays to theirs. This will save you stress and worries later on. Remember that you live in two different social circles, and the way their family celebrates will be different from yours.

Try to have fun – If you attend any holiday events with your employer, such as company parties or other outings, trying to make sure you're able to have fun too, rather than running around taking care of errands the entire time. Allow yourself a glass of eggnog and sit down for a few minutes, taking in the celebrations.

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