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3 tips for strengthening your relationship with your nanny

Any family with a nanny knows how much of an important role he or she plays in the development of their children. These caretakers help raise your children when you're at work and also ease some of the stress of being a busy parent, allowing you to catch some important rest once in a while. However, because of the critical aspects a nanny takes in your lives, it is very important that you form a strong bond with him or her.

Below are a few tips for strengthening your relationship with your nanny and ensuring your children are getting the best possible care:

Always provide detailed instructions – When giving your nanny directives — whether it relates to your child's naptime routine or diet — it's important be as thorough as possible. Don't just assume the nanny knows what you want, so be as clear as possible. However, be open to suggestions as well, especially from an experienced caregiver.

Determine a preferred method of communication – These days, there are a wide variety of ways you can communicate with your child's nanny, including email, text messaging or a regular phone call. Establish your preferred method of communication early on in the game. If any issues should arise when you're away, your nanny will know the best way to reach you quickly.

Spell out your expectations – When you're open and clear about your expectations for the nanny there is little room for confusion. This is particularly important when hiring a nanny and when asking him or her to take on new responsibilities. If you don't communicate you can't blame the nanny if he or she doesn't intuitively pick up a job around the house you expect to be done.

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