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3 tips to help your chauffeur improve

Driving can be stressful, so it's your chauffeur's job to make sure it's enjoyable and relaxing. If your chauffeur isn't quite meeting your expectations, here are three ways you can help them improve:

1.  Give a tour

Colonial Domestic only hires professionals who have years of experience. Yet, it's still a good practice to give your chauffeur a tour of your neighborhood or city. This will help them learn the best routes to get to your office in the morning and your favorite spot to take clients. During the tour, you can also let them know areas of the city you would recommend avoiding because of heavy traffic.

2. Provide clear etiquette instructions

It's important your chauffeur formally and warmly greets all of your clients before they enter your vehicle. Upon arriving at the client's location, they should also open the door for him or her. If you notice your chauffeur is not meeting your expectations, it's important to talk with them. Outline what you would like them to do.

3.  Ensure they're prepared

Prior to picking you up, ask that they fill the vehicle with gas and, if necessary, have it cleaned. If you have a cooler in the backseat of your car, you could also ask them to ensure it's always filled. After all, if you have to unexpectedly pick up a client, you'll want them to feel comfortable and enjoy the ride

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