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3 tips to help your housekeeper or houseman improve

Hiring a professional to help you clean your home should be a great, stress-free experience. Unfortunately, for some it's not stress-free due to a lack of communication between cleaners and the family.

Here are three tips to help your cleaner improve:

1. Create a plan

If your housekeeper isn't performing up to par, sit down and create a plan with him or her. Write down goals, responsibilities and expectations. For example, maybe you would like the rugs in your home vacuumed twice a week. However, if you have a lot of rooms that have obstacles, like furniture or the kids' toys on the floor, these obstructions might impede the housekeeper from performing quickly. Instead, you could cut it down to once a week to ensure he or she does a thorough job.

2. Provide proper instruction

If your houseman keeps making mistakes, ask yourself whether or not you gave him proper instructions. Did you tell him you only want him to mow the lawn during the week and not on the weekend? Letting him know exactly what you want done will ensure he does his job effectively. It will also take stress off of you because of the trust you've built with the houseman.

3. Set clear rules

If you don't want your housekeeper cleaning your children's rooms, make sure you tell them that upfront. Or, if you'd rather them not vacuum on Fridays because you work from home, let them know that too. Cleaning is stressful, but hiring and working with a housekeeper should not be.

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