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3 tips to help your nanny improve

It's important to create a strategic plan for both your family and the nanny you hire. This plan can include an itinerary of chores the nanny should complete and how she should care for your kids.

If you feel like you're not getting the most out of your nanny, here are some tips to help her improve:

1. Provide clearer instructions

It's not good enough to just ask your nanny to babysit your kids and then expect a great return on your investment. For example, should the nanny help your kids with their homework? Should she do laundry or cook dinner?

If you feel like chores are being left by the wayside, think about whether you provided explicit instructions to have those tasks completed. While it's good a nanny takes initiative, you can't blame her if she doesn't do something because she wasn't sure whether or not you wanted it done.

2. Set goals

What are your kids' strengths and weaknesses? Is your daughter great in math, but struggles in science? Maybe your son loves art class, but can't seem to get through the first chapter of "Catcher in the Rye."

If that's the case, you could set goals to ensure your daughter improves her grades in science class and that your son finishes reading the required chapters.

3. Ask for feedback

While you should always be in constant communication with your nanny, it's a good idea to set up time to meet with her in a more formal setting. Grab some lunch and talk about everything from how she feels about the position to how she thinks she can improve. You could also discuss new activities for the kids.

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