3 tips to help your personal assistant improve

Your personal assistant is supposed to make your job easier. If he or she is not doing the job properly, then you'll be stressed. The best way to ensure your personal assistant meets expectations is to have a lengthy discussion before bringing the professional on board.If he or she is already hired, don't hesitate to sit down together and brainstorm ways he or she can improve.

Here are three discussion points to help your personal assistant improve:

1.  Play to their strengths, help improve weaknesses

Colonial Domestic only hires professionals who have years of experience. This helps ensure you're receiving quality service immediately. However, no matter how experienced an individual is, he or she can still have weaknesses. Understand what your personal assistant is capable of and set your expectations accordingly.

2. Set expectations and goals

If your personal assistant isn't meeting your expectations, you should sit down and have a conversation. Ask how he or she feels, as well as how difficult certain tasks are. Then, construct a plan to ensure the professional's future success. Doing so will ensure your personal assistant works more efficiently, which will help you focus on your own job.

3. Provide continuing education

As we mentioned before, all of Colonial Domestic's professionals have been in their respective business for years. However, that doesn't mean personal assistants stop their educational journey.  Encourage your assistant to pursue an advanced course that may offer additional insight about the domestic services field.

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